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140914 분당 팬싸인회①
#제이홉 #J-HOPE

[BANGTAN BOMB] BTS Match! (2) hit the bottle top

140829 Arriving at Music Bank
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Donghae 동해 1+1=Love_Pre-release before Super Show 6!

Surprise gift from Donghae of Super Junior for teasing before Super Show 6 :)
Enjoy DH’s surprise gift and see you at Super Show 6!!

AllRiseSilver: D-1  Have decided to throw out a spoiler for the cue sheet!!!……….Opening video-Appearance(stylistic explosion)-Song-Ending!!!!! See you at Supershow^^^^^^^^


Donghae 동해_1+1=Love_Pre-release (LYRICS)

1+1 is Love sang as one by two 1+1 is the moment (we) became not two but one”

Love Talk x2

shall we talk about love

Sweet Talk x2

is my heart fluttering?

Let`s talk x2 

I wish we would be not two but one now

oh Love!

if you would come to me,my mind`s eyes would open,

and the world would get brighter

oh love!

if u would come,hey it would be enough(with just)u

love love love love

oh love love love love